12/07/2006 • Medical tech

Magnetic Field Imaging (MFI)

Over the next 12 months, BMDSys, Jena, plans to install five of its cardiac diagnosis MFI-systems for routine clinical use in opinion-forming institutes in Europe, the United States and Asia. The aim is to confirm in multicentrical studies the advantages of the reliable and side-effect-free magnetic field imaging on large patient populations. The manufacturer BMDSys announced these plans at the 15th International Conference on Biomagnetism, Biomag 2006, in Vancouver.

MFI is a highly innovative, non-invasive cardiac diagnosis system that uses the changing magnetic fields during the heartbeat to show the electrophysiological function of the heart. This enables pathological changes in heart muscle activity and cardiac excitation to be detected early.

MFI diagnostics also offers many advantages over other, established diagnostic procedures. It is radiation-free, non-invasive and the patient does not need to have any contrast agents injected before cardiac function can be examined.

Clinical studies indicate that MFI enables the early detection and localisation of impaired cardiac blood flow, before it leads to a heart attack. Other studies indicate that arrhythmias that could lead to life-threatening tachycardias (racing heart) or even sudden cardiac death can also be detected early. Studies using an MFI system developed by BMDSys co-founder Dr. S. N. Erné are currently underway at Jena University. The aim of these studies is to show that a good portion of the more than 700,000 cardiac catheter examinations performed annually in Germany could be avoided, and that the positive ratio for ICD implantation of 100 to 5.61 could be improved to 2 to 1.

With a mortality rate of 40%, cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of death in Europe and America. The early detection of widespread heart diseases could save the lives of many and significantly enhance the quality of life of those affected. The early detection of heart diseases also brings considerable savings in healthcare.

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