Alterno - new lounge seating handcrafted by Züco: working and waiting in one!

Züco, the traditional company based at Rebstein in Switzerland is one of Western Europe's few genuine specialist manufacturers of handcrafted high-quality seating for a discriminating clientele. As a niche supplier to the lounge and conference furniture sector focusing mainly on Switzerland itself, Austria and Germany until now, this company (a member of the German Dauphin Group for some years) is now putting out its marketing feelers in other neighbouring European countries.

Züco products speak a language all of their own. The design of each one is different - and so is the craftsmanship that goes into every piece. Everything matches perfectly. In keeping with this philosophy, this "design jewel among the Dauphin brands" developed "Alterno" at the start of 2006 - a multifunctional furnishing unit for the entire lounge sector.

"Alterno" offers a new, ingenious marriage of two functions that are actually contradictory - working and waiting. Simply by moving the body, this revolving easy chair (which offers seating from several sides) changes its function to ensure comfort and concentration while working. The optional Auto-Return function automatically resets the chair to its original position as soon as it is released. This keeps appearances constantly tidy - an especially important asset if several "Alternos" are combined to form a seating group.

Züco offers a perfectly matched occasional table for this extremely comfortable and elegant "waiting and working" chair. The armrest on the "Alterno" can also be fitted with a support (on either side) for working and communicating with a laptop, or for use as a drinks tray.

The wide selection of sophisticated covering materials are either hand-made from the finest Lavalina leather, or are taken from our textile range - where Züco also offers its clients the best materials from leading cover manufacturers.

As a stand-alone item or a pair, a club seat or a working chair, "Alterno" means Züco quality down to the last detail - once again offering relaxed and enjoyable sitting at the highest level of quality.
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