Contamination-free Sieving with RETSCH Test Sieves

For all particle size analyses where contamination of the sample with solder or epoxy must be avoided, RETSCH test sieves, which feature electro-welded mesh, are the products of choice. Thanks to the transition free one-piece construction of the sieve frame no foreign materials are involved in the process and there are no grooves where material might get caught.

RETSCH test sieves are produced fully automatically, a process which is unique in the world. This allows for a previously unattained high quality and consistency of the sieves. In addition, a logistic manufacturing system makes it possible to record each and every material used in the process. RETSCH sieves comply with all prevalent international standards such as DIN ISO, ASTM and BS.

The benefits at a glance:
  • Ultra-tight sieve fabric
  • Maximum corrosion resistance thanks to high-grade alloy steel (316L)
  • Autoclaveable o-rings for quiet operation and dust-tight sieve stack
  • 15 % lighter than traditional sieves, increased free sieve area
  • Clear and precise labelling of the sieves with full traceability based on individualized laser engraving
  • Standard compliance certificate with full test data available upon request
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