“Bionic” - the new generation of intelligent office chairs

One of the main problems with seating continues to be the potential risk for chair users that adjust their chairs incorrectly. Even though seating technology is now very user-friendly, the majority of people still do not adopt a correct posture when sitting. If users do in fact adopt the wrong seated posture because a seat is incorrectly adjusted, this can result in them experiencing problems with their intervertebral discs or other musculo-skeletal injuries, leading to extremely painful impairments. Incorrectly adjusted seats are also responsible for horrendous economic losses arising from employees taking 86 million sick days a year in Germany alone. It is estimated that it may cost around one billion euros to correct or to alleviate the resulting damage caused to people’s health.

Dauphin is now bringing out the first ergonomic office chair which functions fully automatically and reliably adjusts itself to the correct position at all times to cater for the needs of the people sitting on it:

The name of this new product from Dauphin is taken from a modern field of research which looks at nature’s building blocks. Bionic – a term which is assembled from the fields of biology and engineering. As a highlight for the trade fair, Dauphin is presenting a new type of chair which has a unique combination of adjustment features; “Bionic”. Firstly, Bionic automatically detects what the people who sit on it weigh, and responds by automatically adjusting the optimum backrest counterpressure. There is no longer any need to make any sort of mechanical adjustment.

An innovation which is currently unique in the world is the new automatic depth adjustment of the lumbar support of ”Bionic”, which is controlled automatically by the movement profile of the chair and guarantees that the backrest adopts the ideal shape at all times. This automatic lordosis depth adjustment, as it is known, ensures that the back receives optimum support.

“Bionic” also features flexible lowering of the front edge of the seat. In order to relieve pressure on the thighs and therefore to ensure that blood can flow through the legs without being impeded, the front edge points further in the downward direction the more the user leans back. What is more, the seat depth is also regulated automatically.

Another new and trendsetting feature is the “Bionic” look: given that the entire mechanism is cleverly positioned so as to save space in the side sections of the chair, the substructure that is typically to be found underneath the seat is no longer present. All of the adjusting levers which otherwise tend to protrude out slightly now take the form of control elements which are integrated within the design. This new Dauphin chair, which has its own original shape and function, has been developed and designed by ITO Design and it has deliberately been given a reduced look. Made from high-quality materials (option of exchangeable upholstery), user-friendly and absolutely self-explanatory, “Bionic” is a product that offers excellent value for money and is very competitive within the market.

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