Centramate 500 S Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) system

The Centramate™ 500 S bench top tangential flow filtration system provides biotechnology and biopharmaceutical drug developers & manufacturers with an ultra-compact portable unit for process development in ultrafiltration (UF) and microfiltration (MF) applications.

Designed for all applications requiring concentration and diafiltration of suspended microparticulates (such as cell suspensions and lysates) or dissolved solutes (such as proteins or nucleic acids), the sanitary, self-venting, fully drainable design meets the demands of cGMP environments, with full traceability of process-wetted materials.

Using the Centramate 500 S system for process development, time, risk and process volumes are all minimized.


Compact Flowpath

The ultra compact flow path of the Centramate 500 S system allows users to operate at volumes as low as 170mL (when using a single Centramate membrane cassette) enabling high concentration factors and minimizing operating volumes.

Scalable Process Technology

Designed through experience, the Centramate 500 S system meets the requirements for cGMP equipment with a comprehensive qualification and documentation package, calibrated process instrumentation and hygienic design.

Direct Flow Measurement
The magnetic inductive flowmeter provides direct flow measurement during operation, making system operation safe, accurate and user friendly.

High Yield and Product Recovery

The hygienic, completely drainable flow path of the Centramate 500 S system enables high product yield, optimum product recovery and easy cleaning.

Safety in Operation

An adjustable pressure interlock provides product and operator safety in a robust and reliable TFF system.

Pressure Independent Flow

The 4 piston diaphragm pump delivers constant flow even as the system pressure increases.

Data Logging Capability

Data from the process instrumentation can be exported to a PC or laptop computer via the USB port on the Centramate 500 S system.

Documentation Package

  • Calibration certificates for measuring instruments
  • Drawings (P&ID, Layout)
  • User manual
  • Electrical wiring documentation incl. certificates
  • Welding documentation incl. certificates
  • Supplier literature
  • 3.1 certificates for product wetted parts
  • FDA conformity (EPDM); CE declaration
  • Generic IQ documentation
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