11/30/2006 • IT and automation

Fragrant Multi-Labels and UV-offset samples

Again FachPack, trade fair for packaging solutions, in Nuremberg was a big success for Ulrich Etiketten, the Austrian leading self-adhesive label printing company. Visitors honoured all highlights: the fragrant Multi-Labels as well as the UV-offset samples and the machines from Toshiba and Markem.

The fragrant Multi-Labels consist of at least two layers: Using a peel-open tab the upper layer can be partially lifted to expose the message or text printed on the lower layer.This upper layer can be peeled open and reclosed numerous times. Multi-Labels may convey information about the product for example in several different languages, raffles, enclosures, product descriptions, etc.

When used in combination with a fragrance the Multi-Label can help promote the sale of the product, for example in the food industry, where the fragrant increases the purchase and the Multi-Label contains a raffle.

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