11/30/2006 • IT and automation

Sensortechnics Now Offers Optical Liquid Level Switches for Precision Single Point Level Detection

Sensortechnics, a leading supplier of sensing and fluidic control devices and integrated systems, extends its range of products to include a family of optical liquid level switches. This new product range adds to Sensortechnics’ existing liquid level products consisting of submersible level sensors and industrial pressure transmitters.

Sensortechnics’ miniature optical liquid level switches reliably detect the presence or absence of liquid using solid state technology with no moving parts. They are available as basic switches, microprocessor compatible TTL-output devices and high power transistor output versions capable of switching currents up to 800 mA. These new liquid level switches offer different housing options including cost-effective plastic polysulphone and rugged stainless steel versions for corrosive environments.

The new point-level sensors provide excellent media compatibility and are suitable for a wide range of applications such as medical equipment, HVAC, compressors, hydraulic reservoirs, machine tools and leak detection as well as food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing.

Sensortechnics’ product portfolio now extends to pressure sensors, barometric sensors, level sensors, force sensors and flow sensors, as well as Sensortechnics’ fluid control devices including miniature switching, proportional and liquid solenoid valves, electronic pressure controllers and miniature diaphragm pumps.

Sensortechnics has more than two decades of experience in providing highly customised sensing products and in the development of complex integrated fluid control systems for OEM customers worldwide.
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