New at ebro: DKD-Calibration Laboratory on Site

ebro Electronic, the measuring instrument specialist from Ingolstadt, is opening its own,
on-site DKD-Calibration Laboratory on the basis of its newly received DKD-K-46201 accreditation.

DKD calibration is often needed for working standard measuring equipment, measuring equipment used by certified experts and for certain measurement procedures in pharmaceuticals and medicine – in other words, everywhere where an especially high degree of safety is required. This calibration is done by special DKD-laboratories that are monitored by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB). DKD-calibration is traceable to national standards according to the SI-System at the PTB.

Thomas Koch, ebro-Quality Manager explains: „The new calibration laboratory has to meet the requirements of EN 17025. This applies in particular to the equipment, the professional competence of the staff and to the laboratory’s management system.“

The Accreditation Department of the DKD (Deutscher-Kalibrier-Dienst) has granted ebro accreditation according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 for the physical values temperature and relative humidity.

This is a significant advantage for ebro-customers, because all ebro service capacities like maintenance, repairs, factory calibration, ISO-calibration, official calibration and now additionally DKD-calibration are concentrated under one roof. This means shorter distances and faster delivery times – perfect service all in one. As a special service for its customers, ebro offers a free calibration reminder service, where customers are automatically reminded annually to send in their instrument when it is due for calibration.

Picture Caption: With the new on-site DKD-calibration laboratory, all ebro service capacities are now concentrated under one roof.
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