Perfect management of PLC and bus topologies

Electrical engineers can enjoy unprecedented freedom with the new EPLAN Electric P8: All centralized and decentralized controllers may now be displayed simultaneously in a project – irrespective of the model or manufacturer. Bus topologies are also incorporated into the documentation, enabling 100% professional documentation of state-of-the-art controllers.

At this year’s SPS/IPC/DRIVES, EPLAN Software & Service unveils a powerful new range of PLC functions for EPLAN Electric P8. The flexible administration of various PLC controllers and different bus topologies in one project is supported, providing welcome freedom for users. The generated PLC evaluations, diagrams, card connection lists and complete PLC card views make for easier, faster documentation plus superior quality.

Bus technology supported

Bus topologies may now be displayed with symbols directly on the schematic page. Perfect address management depending on the slave and master configuration is guaranteed. The allocation of modules with the respective slots in the subrack is project-planned in the same way as the bus cables and station type of the bus device (serial or line number). The subracks and modules from which the hardware structure is configured are also visible. In this way, the planning of complex bus systems becomes particularly productive.

Best of all, the object orientation means that all views are permanently updated. At any given time, the user can see how the relevant bus structure and hardware belong together.

Complete PLC documentation

The system provides users with comprehensive support in the administration of all PLC controllers. All the PLC information belonging to a project is displayed and edited in a dialog. One particularly useful feature is that the PLC address need not identify a connection straight away, and can remain free during the project planning stage. In the event of amendments, PLC connections may be re-addressed automatically and displayed in a manageable configuration. All settings for the various PLC types may be stored in diagrams and transferred centrally. The symbolic address, the channel designation and the function text are all administered. This gives users a perfect overview of the assignment of complex PLC assemblies at every stage of the project, which may also be edited with the support of the system.

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