New stainless steel globe valve for beverage and KEG applications

The new GEMÜ 551 globe valve has been developed in close collaboration with manufacturers of production, filling systems and manufacturers in the beverage industry. Extensive field trials with leading beverage manufacturers have shown that significant improvements in cleanability and service life can be achieved compared with conventional valve installations.

The GEMÜ 551 valve offers important technical features acknowledged by industrial users. All of the external components, including the actuator housing, are made from stainless steel. The only exception is the optical position indicator, which is optional and made from a high-quality technical plastic. To help the valve to fit into the available space, the pneumatic stainless steel actuator can be turned through 360°. The mechanical parts and seals are designed for the highest cycle duties and reliable, continuous operation. In order to ensure maximum switching cycles and long-term, safe internal cleanability, the surface of the valve spindle is hardened and tempered, and the self-adjusting gland packing is designed for KEG use.

The valve performs particularly well where the cleaning media used are extremely aggressive, e.g. those used to remove yeast residues. The valve is suitable for all common beverages, gases and cleaning media, and the standard model can be used at up to 180°C. Special versions are available for higher temperatures. The surface of the stainless steel actuator has been optimised – sharp edges have been avoided - making it easy to clean. The surface of the standard model is finely satin polished, although an electropolished version can also be supplied.

The GEMÜ 551 can, optionally, be fitted with vent valves in order to ensure that no cleaning agent can get into the actuator when the exterior is being cleaned. For nominal sizes DN 15, 20 and 25, stainless steel angle seat valve bodies are available in all common connection variants, including a short spigot often used in KEG systems. Multiport valve manifolds can be designed individually. It is quite simple to use the valve actuator in existing systems and equipment due to the fact that the actuator mounting has an inch thread normally used in the industry.

An extensive range of accessories can also be easily adapted at a later stage. A stroke limiter, electric position indicators, a proximity switch for active feedback, a position/process controller and pilot valves are also available. To minimise retooling/retrofitting times and to ensure that systems can start operating with no problems, both complete valves and individual actuator components with accessory devices can be assembled in the factory and supplied precalibrated.

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