11/21/2006 • Building Security

Possibly the most powerful access control in the world.

The new digital SmartRelay 3063 functions as an access control reader and key switch. In the System 3060, it opens electrically operated doors, gates and barriers, and switches lighting and heating systems, machines and alarm systems. It passes transponder data on to external systems, such as time recording systems and facility management.

The Digital SmartRelay 3063 is a true multi-talent. It is used wherever something needs to be authorized or switched. It allows the SimonsVoss transponder to operate every button, key, switch, card reader or key switch.

A highlight of the SmartRelay is its simple installation. It can be installed on the wall (in the supplied housing) or in the wall in any standard flush socket device. The SmartRelay can optionally be operated with a battery or external supply voltage. Data is transferred via radio transmission. The new SimonsVoss SmartRelay is 100% suitable for off-line use and can be networked without cables.

It can be authorized for up to 8,000 different transponders. Optionally with battery operation, in an in-wall or on-wall version. The PLUS version also logs the last 1,024 operations, with name, date and time of day, and it has time zone programming, day/night release and a time switch. The Advanced version of the SmartRelay is equipped with the functions of the ZK version. In addition, it has connections for external modules (such as the Smart Output Module) and external extended antennas.
When combined with a SmartRelay Advanced, the Smart Output Module can drive the control tableau of an elevator, mailbox system or a bank of lockers. Each Smart Output Module has 8 assignable outputs. It is possible to connect 16 Smart Output Modules to a SmartRelay Advanced.
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