11/21/2006 • Building Security

Wireless data transfer and innovative design

Unterföhring, 15 May 2006. With the SmartCD, SimonsVoss has launched a new programming device for its digital locking and access control system. The device features cutting edge technology, simple operation and an elegant design that has been matched to the rest of the SimonsVoss product line. For the first time, data is transferred between the PDA on which the locking plan data is saved and the programming device via Bluetooth. Companies that use the innovative SmartCD will thus benefit not only from the rapid, simple allocation of individual access rights, but also from the independence of hardware interfaces and increased investment security. The SimonsVoss SmartCD including new programming software is available immediately.

With the 3060 digital locking and access control system from SimonsVoss, companies and organisations are provided with an access solution that far surpasses traditional mechanical or electronic locking systems when it comes to flexibility, economy and security. The core elements are a digital locking cylinder and a transponder with which, depending on the individual access rights, all doors, gates and barriers fitted with the cylinder can be radio-operated at the bush of a button. Authorisations can be assigned individually and managed on the computer using a special software program. Depending on the size of the locking systems, cylinders are programmed, as required, via the programming transponder, a PDA or directly, via the computer needed to prepare the locking plan.

Unique: access programming via Bluetooth
To program the digital components, the locking plan data is transferred firstly from the computer to a PDA.
To receive the information saved on the mobile handheld computer, the new SmartCD uses, for the first time, wireless radio transmission via Bluetooth. The access data is then transmitted to the cylinders in a form that is encrypted, protected against tapping and energy-saving, via a proprietary radio protocol. The SmartCD can be used in combination with any Bluetooth-capable handheld computer that supports Windows Mobile from version 5.0 onward, such as the Dell AximX51v-624.

Practical elegance
The wireless communication between the PDA and SmartCD means that in future customers will be independent of hardware interfaces and can thus use their own handheld computers to program their locking systems without having to replace the devices or cables when manufacturers bring out new products. Similarly, the SmartCD offers excellent stability and durability. The battery inside the device operates for at least 32 hours.

The appearance of the new device has been matched to the existing SimonsVoss product line. The elegant design of this small, handy device, like the rest of the company's products, was created by Munich designer Peter Trautwein from the Ergon3 design office – and has been a great success, as many design awards have proved. In March 2006, for example, a total of three SimonsVoss products designed by Ergon3 were presented with the coveted IF Product Design Award.

New software for simple preparation of locking plans

With the new SmartCD programming device, SimonsVoss is also offering a new software program (LDB 1.50) for preparing locking plans in companies. In addition to a clearly laid-out user interface, it also offers a wide range of new features. It is possible, for example, with the new SmartCD's PDA connection, to limit the rights of the person using the handheld computer to particular programming functions. In addition, the software allows different locking plans to be exported to a PDA if several networked locking systems are operated.
The LDB 1.50 software can also be used by customers who are using the SmartCD's predecessor models – the CD.PALM2, Palm Tungsten T3 and PalmLDB.
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