11/21/2006 • Building Security

Play it safe.

In addition to the Transponder 3064 and the Q 3007 Biometric Transponder, the Digital Locking System 3060 also has the very new PinCode Keypad 3068.
The correct combination of numbers is all you need to open every door that is equipped with a Digital Locking Cylinder 3061 or SmartRelay with a touch of the finger! Like the entire Digital Locking and Organization System 3060, the ultra-flat keypad is also easy to install and no cables are required.

Using a master code, up to three different PINs can be assigned and replaced by new ones as needed. Upon request, the combination of numbers can be from 4-8 digits.
In addition to the security, particularly to be emphasized is SimonsVoss’ typically elegant design - comprising a keypad with a translucent ring, which allows it to fit in with the surroundings optimally.

As a supplementary product to the Transponder 3064, the PinCode Keypad is especially suitable for smaller locking systems, or for passage areas and areas in which access should be possible for many employees.
The cablefree PinCode Keypad 3068 also provides an elegant solution for doors on which no structural changes may be made.
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