11/21/2006 • Building Security

First-of-its-kind: A Digital Half-Cylinder in the System 3060!

To complete its digital locking cylinder series 3061 product range, SimonsVoss has just unveiled a half-cylinder version.

The digital half-cylinder can be used for garage doors, gates, switchboards, showcases, and key-operated switches or to replace mechanical half-cylinders. Its removable knob even permits the half-cylinder to be mounted behind a panel, as in sealed key-operated switches.

This half-cylinder functions exactly like the SimonsVoss series 3061 double-cylinder. All transponders, software versions, shunt-locks, and networked systems can be utilized everywhere with this half-cylinder.

The SimonsVoss half-cylinder is always manufactured from stainless steel, and is available in both the plus version (with time zones and entry logs) and in the standard form. Cylinder lengths range from 30/10 to 90/10 in 5 mm steps.
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