11/21/2006 • Building Security

New 3061 digital locking cylinder from SimonsVoss: up to 300 000 activations without a battery change

Unterföhring, 10 October 2006. SimonsVoss, a market and technology leader in the field of battery-operated electronic locking and access control systems, will be presenting the latest generation of its 3061 digital locking cylinder at the SECURITY trade fair in Essen from 10 – 13 October 2006. One of the main features of the new cylinder is that it is powered by a battery with a significantly longer service life. SimonsVoss guarantees that the cylinder can be activated up to 150 000 times with standard button cell batteries, while the special variant can even be activated up to 300 000 times. With the 3061 digital locking cylinder, frequently used central doors can be operated for years without the battery having to be replaced.

With the introduction of this new generation of digital locking cylinders, SimonsVoss Technologies AG is setting new standards for the future of locking and organisational technologies. SimonsVoss transponders and cylinders far outstrip any other comparable locking technologies on the market in terms of battery life.

With respect to its aesthetic design, the cylinder features small, elegant symmetrical knobs. The inside of the cylinder has been completely revolutionised, because the 3061 digital locking cylinder can now be updated using a network or programming device, allowing users to simply ‘download’ new software-based features.
The new generation of digital locking cylinders can also store 3000 access authorisations as well as administering 64 000 transponders per cylinder and 320 000 cylinders per transponder within a single locking system.

And of course, the system also features various convenient ‘permanently open’ functions and a full range of remote diagnosis options.
The new generation of digital locking cylinders from SimonsVoss, like its predecessor, allows for wireless networking and is available in all variants: for example half-cylinder, anti-panic cylinder, VdS-approved, free-rotating, pushbutton control, multi-ratchet version or waterproof versions. We are also developing a version that can be addressed using high-frequency radio signals from standard radio routers (as defined in IEE 802.xx).
This generation is scheduled to be ready for shipping in the second quarter of 2007.
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