11/21/2006 • Building Security

Q3007 biometric transponder - James Bond sends his best

Top security from the new biometric transponder with integrated fingerprint sensor. The Q3007 is a high-security transponder that can be operated only by authorized people, who are identified by fingerprints.

The biometric transponder from SimonsVoss is the world's first completely battery-operated biometry application in "matchbox format." This is a transponder that includes a fingerprint sensor in addition to the normal key.

Pressing the button activates the fingerprint sensor. The transponder triggers when, and only when, an "authorized" finger then moves across the sensor within roughly five seconds.
The Q3007 biometric transponder acts like a normal standard transponder within the SimonsVoss locking plan, because the dialog between the cylinder and transponder has not changed.

The enrollment (learning of new fingers) requires only a simple "teach-in" process in the biometric transponder. The Q3007 can distinguish up to 6 users and the biometry transponder battery is good for approximately 10,000 reads.
This is also a particularly clever solution for the "general transponder" that has many access rights. The additional biometric protection achieves an even higher level of security.

At the same time, retrofitting with biometry is revolutionarily economical with the Q3007: with the biometry solution from SimonsVoss, there is no need for costly installation on the doors; instead, the doors contain only absolutely normal digital SimonsVoss locking components. Using the SimonsVoss control unit, it is also possible to protect any external system, such as an automatic door, in the simplest way.

With the Digital Locking and Organization System 3060, SimonsVoss presents both intelligent technology with versatile utilization and extremely convenient operation.
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