GeViScope, the platform with new possibilities

GEUTEBRÜCK’s GeViScope is designed to be the ultimate flexible digital CCTV system platform. It boasts an outstanding VMD; audio alarm on stereo channels, and a unique multi-processor system which processes each incoming video channel in whatever way you want. It supports any number of video and audio signals, each with fully independent real time functionality, easy updating and re-programming. The GeViScope is compatible with analogue, IP and megapixel cameras and has proved itself ideal for a wide range of environments including subway system, casino, prison, industrial, nuclear power, traffic monitoring and banking solutions.

The GeViScope’s motion detection system is difficult to beat and unequalled on price. - A point very convincingly in pre-purchase trial at a large European public institution. – After two weeks there was only one unwanted alarm and this was subsequently eliminated with a few programming adjustments.

A unique, intelligent dynamic compression process minimises storage by discarding redundant still images and by automatically matching the recorded picture rate and quality to the event and to the noise at the scene. Two permanent recording levels guarantee useful documentation for every event, even when critical event thresholds are not reached.

The MPEG4CCTV software encoder upgrade offers a unique real time MPEG-4 implementation which minimises data volume, bandwidth and storage costs, while supporting smooth, multi-camera synchronised playback, forwards/backwards at any speed (from 1 picture/10s to 25fps), even image by image. It supports different picture formats, parallel recording and streaming; adjustable alarm settings for MPEG4CCTV recording and network transmission; together with individual picture labelling.

GeViScope new features and functions

In recent weeks a number of new standard and optional features and functions have been added to the GeViScope’s repertoire.  For example the GeViScope can now display MultiScope III alarm pictures, and retrieve the event list data for alarm picture evaluation.  The improved camera position authentication function can trigger and control activities, and can now use different reference pictures depending on the time, thereby accommodating daylight, darkness and other environmental situations.  A new automatic backup client now supports scheduled daily backup and event-triggered backup onto any standard storage media.  Ideal for SAN/NAS solutions, this provides a low cost redundancy solution and a safe way of copying data from A to B.

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