11/17/2006 • Sensor Technology

Compact entry model with excellent performance

For years Micro-Epsilon has proved to be one of the leaders in the market for laser triangulation. This is achieved through precise and fast technologies. They are impressive not just through special developments for customers, but rather through the setting of new trends in sensor technology.
For this reason the product range from Micro-Epsilon is now being extended by four laser triangulation models. The optoNCDT 1300 completes the series of optical sensors in the entry class. In addition to its small design, the space requirement is reduced to a minimum due to the integration of the controller into the sensor housing. This makes the sensor ideal for fitting in machines, test equipment and production lines when the primary concern is not carrying out highly complex measurement tasks. Through the technology of non-contacting measurement, the optoNCDT 1300 is also suitable for measurements on sensitive objects. For example, in the manufacturing industry it can ensure that components are correctly positioned on the production lines. Similarly the control of robot arms on automated production lines presents no problem. Also, there are possible applications in the woodworking industry, such as detecting holes drilled in table tops.
Because Micro-Epsilon builds only high quality components into its products, precision lenses and high performance controllers are used with the optoNCDT 1300.
Although it was conceived as an entry model, the optoNCDT 1300 is impressive due to its extraordinary performance data. It covers measurement ranges from 20 to 200 mm, achieving a resolution of up to 4 µm. However, the most amazing feature proves to be the linearity which with the smallest of the four sensors remains constant at 40 µm over the measurement range.

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