11/17/2006 • Sensor Technology

Compact displacement sensors for high temperatures

Another innovation from Micro-Epsilon are the compact inductive displacement sensors in the Series LDR with a housing diameter of 8 mm. In comparison to conventional LVDT sensors, the installation length is significantly shortened due to a new coil geometry. A plunger as measurement object can be moved within the sensor without making contact and without wear.

The high quality materials and the rugged design enable the sensors to be used up to a permanently operating temperature of 160°C. Three connections are required as an interface to the sensor. The sensor linearity is typically ±0.25%. Currently, measurement ranges from 10 to 50 mm are available. Due to the symmetrical construction, a temperature stability of < 40 ppm/°C is obtained at the zero point. A single-channel electronic unit with a rugged diecast housing is used as the sensor controller for LDR displacement sensors. It is supplied with 18 to 30 V and outputs analog signals of 4 to 20 mA or 2 to 10 V. The zero point and gain can be set over a wide range using trimming potentiometers.

The Series LDR can be obtained with either an axial plug connection or with an axially fitted cable. The economically priced displacement sensors in the Series LIP are particularly suitable for large-scale production applications in industrial environments where space is restricted. Typical applications are, for example, the fine adjustment in the raising of a plate or vibration measurement on rolling processes.

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