Modular high-temperature sensors up to 250 °C

Separation of sensor head and electronics ensures quick exchange of components subject to wear

Turck, an industry leader in sensor, fieldbus and interface technology, is presenting a new high-temperature sensor family with exclusive functionality at the SPS/IPC/Drives show. These new inductive proximity switches (CQ40 and CQ80) can operate in temperatures up to 250 °C and are therefore ideally suited for the drying and curing ovens associated with automotive painting systems.

Turck is the first manufacturer to offer an 80 mm device in addition to a 40 mm device for use in this temperature range. System designers now have the opportunity to use a standard package size over the entire temperature range from “cold” to “hot”. As an additional benefit for the painting industry, the Teflon cables of the sensors are surrounded by a protective aluminum sleeve to prevent contamination of the surfaces to be painted.

A reality of high-temperature sensing is that the sensors used in the high temperature area have a maximum life of 12 months – independent of the manufacturer. The new 250 °C high-temperature sensors from Turck are the only ones on the market featuring a sensor head with removable sensor electronics. Turck significantly reduces operating costs with a design that enables replacing just the sensor head during a fault, instead of the entire switch, as in other designs. The separation of the components also ensures a quick exchange of the sensor head without extended down time.

The 250 °C sensor has been developed in close co-operation with oven manufacturers and currently offers the most balanced solution for high temperature applications. Turck provides a complete range of sensor and fieldbus solutions for all corresponding applications in the automotive industry and its Tier 1 suppliers, from the new proximity sensors to the high temperature data carriers of the complete RFID package known as BL ident.
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