11/17/2006 • IT and automation • Process automation / MSR technology • Sensor Technology

Precise flow meter

In-line sensors with a measurement accuracy of two percent permit efficient control of process and cooling water circuits

Turck has expanded its fluid sensor range with the new FCVI flow meter. The in-line flow meter operates according to the particularly precise Vortex measurement principle and is especially suitable for applications with higher demands in terms of accuracy. The FCVI detects flow rates in liquid media ranging between 2 and 20 l/min with a measurement accuracy of just two percent. It is insensitive to pressure, temperature and density changes in the medium and is therefore ideally suited for control of process and cooling water circuits.

The integrated display shows the flow rate directly at the point of measurement. The sensor featuring IP65 degree of protection is suitable for operating pressures up to 10 bar and medium temperatures between 5 and 60 °C. The device features a linear 4 – 20 mA analogue output and a PNP switching output. Further functions such as hysteresis, switching delay and output characteristic can be individually programmed by the user.

Vortex flow meters operate according to the flow separation principle, also known as the Karman Vortex. If an exactly defined obstruction is positioned in a (minimum) flow, vortexes separate at a certain frequency (Karman Vortex Street). The vortex separation frequency detected by a measurement transducer provides the level for the flow speed.
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