11/17/2006 • Sensor Technology

Analogue sensor for detection of metals

World premier: Amplitude and phase signal evaluation enables recognition of different metals independently of the distance

Turck the sensor, fieldbus and interface specialist has developed a unique special sensor in close co-operation with the customers which can detect different metals independently of the distance. The special feature of the world premier: the metal detection sensor is an analogue eddy current sensor which detects the amplitude signal as well as the phase signal. Both signals (0-10 V) are emitted as an analogue value and can be connected using a control unit and analysed mathematically. The permissible temperature range of the sensor is between -10 and +70 °C.

The great advantage of this inductive analogue measurement method is the fast detection of the metals independently of the distance involved, and which is often required in many of today's application fields. The metal detection sensor is frequently used in vending machines for the return of tin cans, to sort beverage cans made of aluminium or tin. A further pilot application of the new Turck development is in a seamless pipe manufacturing system to differentiate pipes manufactured from different metals. The sensor reliably detects the materials used and the diameter of the pipe. Further fields of application are in the field of coin recognition as well as quality control, as the Turck sensor can differentiate between hardened and non-hardened material.
Turck is presenting the styles of metal detection sensor currently available at the SPS/IPC/Drives: two ring sensor variants with an internal diameter of 50 mm and 100 mm and a rectangular design with an edge length of 42 x 40 x 20 mm as well as an operating range of 4-11 mm are currently on offer. Other construction designs can be easily produced.
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