3D CreatorDUAL with PowerINSPECT- to measure very large and complex objects fast and precisely

The 3D CreatorDual is an optic-electronic measuring system consisting of two sensor units, two control units and a freely movable probe of which the position and the movement vectors can be exactly determined by the cameras by using the infrared transfer. The sensor cameras recognize the active emitters up to a distance of 5m and with a complex algorithm the exact X, Y, Z coordinates as well as the movement vector gets computed. Flexible adjustment of the sensor units in different constellations provides different large measurement volumes. This 3D CreatorDual gives a scope to measure objects of different sizes and forms very quickly and exactly.
This solution is supported by PowerINSPECT from DELCAM, one of the leading inspection software for testing of complex 3D parts. This program has a specific interface with the 3D Creator which can be obtained from RevXperts. This interface allows to set all the necessary parameters for the 3D Creator systems, as well as giving the information about the relevant status commands. The typical applications of PowerINSPECT are testing of prototypes, serial parts, mould and dies, tools, electrodes and masterpieces. PowerINSPECT has the ability to handle all standard CAD formats as well as STL format which can be used in prototyping applications. It is possible to compare complex parts from the manufacturing process with the original 3D CAD model and the deviations can be measured.

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