Modernization Package for High Speed Testers

High speed testers are used especially for penetration and fast tearing tests with high test speeds. With the proper accessories, it is also possible to perform tensile, compression, and flexure tests with uninterrupted, cyclic, or alternating loads under static, quasi-static, and dynamic conditions. The load frames for these machines, which are used primarily in metal industry, are essentially very long-lasting. However, increasing requirements for greater precision and repeatability of test sequences and test results, as well as economic and fast test completion often necessitate a certain degree of modernization.

Zwick now offers an upgrade package for this purpose. It consists of the new measurement and control electronics testControl which assumes all time and safety critical functions and enables the individual configuration of each test situation. All new developments, regardless of whether a hardware module or a functional enhancement, can be integrated simply into this system. This secures the investment over a long period of time, and testControl guarantees compliance with international safety and quality guidelines whilst ensuring maximum operating convenience through its extensive error and risk analysis.

Testing systems require individual components which are totally compatible and for this reason, Zwick’s high performance testing software testXpert® is used. This software is the same as that delivered with all new systems, and guarantees the highest quality standard with the simplest operation, and because the software is modular, the user receives a software system tailored precisely to his or her needs. A master test program configured especially for the high speed tests contains the latest technology for data acquisition and data processing, and allows the upgraded machine to be operated just like a new machine.

By virtue of a standard software, modular system, and software tools for user support, customers benefit from enhanced flexibility, safety, and much simpler operation. Spare parts and servicing ensure that the system can be supported in the long term.
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