11/10/2006 • Medical tech

Zwick has a new twist on materials and component testing

When testing medical implants or bones, fasteners, joints, torsion springs or rotary switches, it is necessary to have the possibility to carry out integrated axial/torsion tests. Zwick is now introducing another advanced testing machine from its zwicki line fitted with a digitally controlled torsion axis.

The zwicki line testing machines are high-quality, simple to use, space-saving, and affordable universal testing machines. In spite of their small size they are extremely effective and can be applied to many different applications.

The new tabletop testing machine Z2.5/TN is fitted with a 5 Nm torsion axis and allows a superimposed torsion test, with either tensile or compression forces, to be carried out up to a maximum axial load of 2.5 kN. The unique feature is the dual-axis system, and this clever solution allows typical axial or combined axial/torsion tests to be simply performed using a single testing machine.

Zwick’s testXpert® II testing software guarantees intelligent and reliable machine control and data security. All test parameters are controlled by the software during the test, and the results of the tests can be processed, printed, transmitted or directly exported to other data storage media such as laboratory information management systems. The testing software can easily be integrated into existing IT structures without any problem.

Handling different specimen shapes and dimensions is also simplicity itself due to Zwick’s extensive range of grips, tools, and fixtures.
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