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Zwick’s materials testing software testXpert® II is one of the first products to already fulfill the requirements of TENSTAND validation, in accordance with a future revision of ISO 6892.

The EU project (TENsile STANDard) has prepared computer-based files, representing typical tensile characteristics of a range of industrially important metallic materials.

The new function of testXpert® II is easy to use and, with just a few mouse clicks, imports TENSTAND standardized ASCII data and evaluates tensile testing results with the regular software algorithms in daily use. The calculated results can then be easily compared with the internationally agreed results arising from the TENSTAND data. A qualifying validation of testXpert II analysis algorithms usually takes less than one minute.

The TENSTAND tensile test ASCII data sets, file format and the internationally agreed values, will be part of the revised international standard ISO 6892 which will be released in the very near future. In addition, this ISO standard will have a strong impact on the planned revision of the European standard EN 10002. With these revisions the standardization reflects todays “state of the art” tensile testing machines with PC control and data handling systems. The TENSTAND validation process will also bring significant benefits to organizations who require good interlaboratory consistency of test results. Testing equipment which is not configured correctly or having out of date software algorithms can easily be identified and corrective actions implemented.

Practical experience shows that software validation has to be as easy as possible and Zwick’s testXpert® II software performs the check by simulating a new test at any stage of a running tensile test series. Instead of starting a new test, data from the standardized data sets are imported and analyzed automatically. The results are then displayed, in the same clear layout as ordinary test results, and can easily be compared with the standardized values. This gives operators, supervisors and auditors a tool for immediate and online validation of the tensile testing software.

This new functionality of Zwick testXpert® II testing software will quickly become an everyday tool for people in testing laboratories.
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