11/06/2006 • Sensor Technology

Compact sensor for measurement lengths up to 50 m

Rugged, but of compact size - the new Series P200 in the family of wireSENSOR draw-wire displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon. In the range there are various models for measurement lengths from 30 m to 50 m. The specified accuracy is 0.1 % of the measurement range in the potentiometer version and this can also be improved if encoders are used.
Displacement sensors with such large measurement distances are employed, for example, in the control of elevators or for the exact measurement of lifting height on fork-lift trucks.
Draw-wire displacement sensors measure the linear movement of a component via a wire of highly flexible steel strands which is wound onto a drum by a durable spring-driven motor. The winding drum is linked axially to a multi-turn potentiometer, incremental encoder or absolute encoder. A linear movement is transformed into a rotation by the draw-wire principle and converted into a change of resistance or to countable increments. Sensor versions with integral electronics produce voltages and currents at the output which are already proportional to the displacement. Draw-wire sensors are simple in application and represent a very economical investment. There is a significant advantage in that, despite their compact installation length, the sensors can cover the largest measurement ranges.

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