10/31/2006 • Pumps and Compressors

Water-injected screw compressors

Tightened regulations and increased safety requirements with regard to the trouble-free production of sensitive products have caused many compressed air station operators to rethink their approach. Whereas a few years ago the production of oil-free compressed air was still classified as unnecessary, inefficient and expensive, today many industrial manufacturers of quality products are specifying residual oil content in the compressed air to comply with class 1 of DIN ISO 8573 when planning new or modernising old compressed air supplies. Why? Many applications require absolutely oil-free compressed air and many of those responsible have a pretty queasy feeling if their high quality products come into contact with compressed air containing oil.

The water-injected screw compressors of the ALMIG LENTO series are a safe alternative to the elaborate and cost-intensive treatment of compressed air from oil-injected compressors. The customer can reckon with minimised service and maintenance costs compared to other oil-free compression systems The LENTO series comprises eight speed-controlled, directly driven plants at a drive output of between 15 and 55 kW, infinitely adjustable pressure ranging from 5 to 10 bars and volumetric flow rates of 0.8 to 8.27 m³/min. In addition to these there are four directly driven plants with fixed speed available to cover the base load requirements. They are able to provide 18 – 27 kW drive outputs, 7 – 10 bars pressure and volumetric flow rates of up to 5.03 m³/min.

The plants are available with water cooling as a standard feature and with air cooling as an option. All of the LENTO models are designed as ready-to-connect, compact workplace compressors and are easy and convenient to program and monitor with the standard Air Control 3 control.

An integrated refrigerant dryer constantly withdraws moisture from the air and returns it to the internal water cooling circuit. The compressor is filled just once with normal tap water and thereafter it produces its own fresh water. It is no longer necessary to have an expensive supply of fresh water from the outside. The consistent high quality of the water is ensured under all operating conditions by the use of a water filter, a galvanic anode and the constant supply of fresh water via the refrigerant dryer This means that uneconomical water treatment by means of osmosis filtration is at last a thing of the past.
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