Transducer DKRF470-Series for humidity and temperature

Specially for the process automation and air conditioning of swimming pools, climatic chambers or greenhouses the transducers of the DKRF470-series are designed for.

All units are measuring the relative humidity in the range of 0...100%rH and the temperature. Two analogue outputs are configurable for several combinations of measured values and optionally calculated values like absolute humidity (g/m³), dewpoint (°C), mixing ratio (g/kg). You can select analogue signals 0..1V, 0..5V, 0..10V, or 4..20mA in 2- or 3-wire-technic.

The transducer offer precise and lowcost solutions for a big number of measurement tasks. They base on the newest Sensirion sensortechnology (CMOSens), where in a combined humidity and temperature sensor the humidity is measured capacitive with a high accuracy of upto +/-1,8%rH. Furthermore the sensor has an excellent longterm stability and extreme fast response time of 4 seconds.
The transducers are very resistant against dust and the most chemicals.

The electronic circuit of the transducer is placed in a robust housing of aluminium which fulfills the IP65-standard against dust and spray water.
The exchangeable sensor head with a diameter of appr. 8 mm and a length of 100 mm offers a maximum of flexibility, low service costs and very low duration of service time.

The type DKRF471 has a direct mounted sensor at the housing so that it is ideal for wall mounting. The DKRF472 is suitable for the duct mounting and the DKRF473 with its flexible sensorcable for the direct process installation. For high temperature up to +120°C the type DKRF473-EXT with a separated sensor should be used.

The sensor cable of the transducer DKRF473 has a standard length of 2m or 5m and can be extended upto 100 m without calibration.
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