Bosch Video Management System:

  • Seamless management of video, audio and data over IP
  • Scalable solution allows for future expansion
  • Reduces installation and maintenance costs

Bosch is introducing a unique enterprise IP video security solution that provides seamless management of digital video, audio and data across any IP network. Designed to work with Bosch CCTV products as part of a total video security solution, the Bosch Video Management System (Bosch VMS) allows customers to integrate their existing components into one, easy-to-manage set-up. Because it enables live and recorded video images of any site to be viewed at any time, from any location, the Bosch VMS provides complete management and control of an installation. It is also scalable, which provides the flexibility of starting small and expanding a security system as needed. The Bosch VMS is suitable for a wide range of security applications, including government, banks, airports, railways, traffic, and university campuses.
Security managers, operators and IT specialists will all benefit from this highly flexible security solution. Cameras, recorders and viewing stations can be placed anywhere in an IP network. All live and archived video data can be viewed at a single or numerous workstations simultaneously, at any location. And by using the comprehensive network infrastructure already present in most buildings, installation and maintenance costs are considerably reduced.

The system’s ergonomic interface reduces the complexity of video management and allows security operators to work more efficiently and respond faster.
Sophisticated event and alarm management and advanced video content analysis techniques ensure that critical events are recognized and managed quickly and effectively.
IT specialists will appreciate the fact that the Bosch VMS uses industry-standard IT server, storage and workstation components, so existing vendors and service agreements still apply. The system’s integrated user management supports an open protocol (LDAP), which means that new personnel are immediately recognized at all security workstations, with the appropriate rights and privileges. It supports the latest .NET remoting technology, and is both secure and firewall friendly; all commands in the VMS are encrypted to protect against snooping and hostile access to vital functions.

Bosch has a complete line of IP network Video products, including single and multi-channel MPEG-4 encoders, decoders, IP cameras and domes. Bosch also offers a full range of industry-leading analog cameras, AutoDomes, mini-domes, DVRs, and matrix switches, and accessory products. While the Bosch VMS can handle an unlimited number of cameras spread throughout the world, it is just as effective for managing much smaller CCTV security systems. Plus, its flexible software-licensing scheme allows cameras, workstations and other features to be added to suit growing requirements.
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