High molar mass Polylactide Standards up to 1 Million D avaiable now! For the very first time!

Polylactides are industrial important biodegrable polymers. Polylactides are biodegradable thermoplastics which can be processed into films and fibers useful for the biotechnology industry. Some biomedical applications are sutures, dialysis and drug delivery devices. Polylactides are also used for compost bags, diapers and packaging. For those applications mainly broad distributed Polylactides are used up to molara masses > 100.000g/mol.
PSS was able to close the gap for the Polylactide reference materials from 40.000D up to 1 Million D. PSS offers now an extended Poly-(L)-lactide Reference kit with a high molar mass standard. This enables the customer to analyze almost all industrial or scientific interesting Polylactide with one single calibration curve based on Poly-(L)-lactides from 150D up to 1.000.000D. In order to get the true Poly-(L)-lactide molar mass information for unknown Poly-(L)-lactide samples there is no need anymore for universal calibrtation or additional light scattering measurements.
A polystyrene calibration curve could yield an error in molar mass determination larger than 50% compared to polylactide Standards .
Polylactides can be measured in TFE+KTFAc with PSS PFG columns

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