10/25/2006 • Medical techMicroscopy / Imaging

Three Additions to Fully Interchangeable Digital Camera Systems

In response to the popularity of its cross-­compatible digital camera systems, Nikon has announced the addition of its DS-Fi1 digital camera head and DS-L2 and DS-U2 control units to its Digital Sight Series. The new camera head improves resolution, expands dynamic range and reduces noise, whilst the control units provide improved platforms for viewing, recording, measuring and processing images in industrial and research applications. Thanks to the accelerated frame rate of the new DS-Fi1, positioning and focusing have become even easier, and, with its interline CCD solid-state image sensor providing a resolution of 5.0 million pixels, it produces high-quality brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, DIC and fluorescence images. The Nikon DS-Fi1 also incorporates a newly designed IR filter on the camera head to improve red colour reproduction.
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