Stereo Vision Camera System

Point Grey Research unveiled the Bumblebee2 stereo vision camera system with faster acquisition times, improved 3-D data quality, on-board colour processing and GPIO connectors for external trigger and strobe functionality. The binocular Bumblebee2 contains two 1/3 progressive scan CCD sensors, and transmits both the left and right images to a PC via an IEEE-1394 interface. All Point Grey Research stereo vision products include the Digiclops and Triclops SDK (software development kit), enabling users to control camera settings, adjust image quality and access real-time depth range images using stereo vision technology. Extensive sample programmes and source code are also included for ease of integration. The camera is available in colour or monochrome as a 640 x 480 at 48 FPS or a 1024 x 768 at 18 FPS option, and offers a choice of 3.8 or 6.0 mm focal length lenses.
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