Image Processing Small Size Telecentric Lenses

Today advanced and progressive miniaturisation technology challenges the equipments’ manufacturers to keep pace with the increasing demand for the small sized components. As a result, the bonding and assembly tools must be devised to meet the stringent requirement raised on the cycle time, intertia, and torque. The unique miniaturized Telecentric Lenses produced by V.S. Technology and exclusively supported by New Electronic Technology GmbH satisfy with its extended range of optical magnification (1x, 2x, …, 10x) the mechanical and optical properties required by that specific market. 35 different lenses with C-Mount, 17mm, and 12mm dia. can now be supplied off the shelf. The excellent optical performance, the standard work distance of 40mm, 65 mm, and 110mm, as well as the selectable Illumination (coaxial and non-coaxial) make the lenses be the first.

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