Economical closures and caps for carbonated and still beverages

PCO Corvaglia: lightweight, yet uncompromising – a new cap sets the standard
Numerous beverage bottlers, including some multinationals, have selected the PCO Corvaglia as their new global standard. Starting in Italy, where the percentage of mineral water that is lightly or even heavily carbonated is as high as in Germany, the short PCO Corvaglia cap very quickly established itself on a broad front. Major fillers in Brazil, Mexico and Poland soon followed. The success is very much due to the cap's advantages over other short versions, which include its compatibility with existing neck-finishes, the low cost of blowing machine and filling line conversion, the efficient pairing of light weight and low neck, the efficient capping machine performance, and the ready availability of preforms.

The PCO Corvaglia cap is freely available and offers maximum savings in material weight coupled with a low cost of conversion from existing neck finishes – without compromising the performance of the filling and capping line.

SmartSeal Flex: easy drinking , and no spill!
Additional functionality and product differentiation are two decisive factors in the ideal market positioning of a packaged beverage. The SmartSeal Flex cap provides this marketing edge, without compromise. SmartSeal Flex is described as an Active Closure™ because the built-in valve opens automatically during drinking, making it particularly suitable for drinking whilst on the move. The principle behind the valve design allows automatic opening and closing and at the same time prevents accidental spillage. The dust cover, which can be hinged back a full 180º, allows unimpeded drinking comfort. The specially shaped tamper band provides visual and tactile tamper evidence.

The compact and lightweight Active Closure™ is available for all of the usual neck finishes and is suitable for still or lightly carbonated beverages such as water, juices and energy drinks.

SensoCap – a world first
How many times have you been irritated to find that you have to tear off a foil seal covering the neck of the bottle after you have removed the screw cap? The SensoCap makes this a thing of the past.

A specially shaped cutter is incorporated in the SensoCap. The cutter slices through the foil seal as the bottle is being opened and removes it from the neck, leaving no remnants. After the first time of opening the foil remains inside the cap and serves as an additional liner when the cap is replaced.

The SensoCap is available for PE bottles filled and sealed in-line. Work is already being carried out to produce a version for PET wide-neck containers.

Corvaglia now offers push-pull sports cap

with 1881 short neck

The sports cap for short necks is ready!
The new 28 PCO 1881 short neck is now making serious inroads in the market and is starting to take over from the PCO 1810, mainly in the CSD and beer sectors. PET bottles for sports and wellness beverages, using a push-pull sports cap, are now latching onto this trend. The big soft drinks companies that supply discount retail chains have already started to change over to the new neck-finish.

The Swiss cap and closure manufacturer Corvaglia, one of the first suppliers to react to the trend, has now put a new multi-cavity mould tool into operation to produce 3-piece push-pull sports caps for the 1881 neck-finish. This means that Corvaglia is now able to supply up to 300 million caps per annum for the new short neck. Corvaglia's clients who take advantage of this extensive capacity can now be sure of continuous supplies to their filling lines right from the start.

And the potential savings offered by the PCO 1881 short neck are enormous. The savings of about 1.4 grams in the PET neck and 0.7 grams in the HDPE cap have come at a timely moment against a background of recent increases in the cost of standard plastic resins. According to Corvaglia for a production quantity of 1 billion bottles savings of about 3 million Euros can be made in resin costs by using the short neck-finish.

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