INFINITY-3000 - The top system of gel documentation. For DNA imaging, RNA imaging and protein imaging

  • 2 megapixels 'scientific grade' b/w CCD analysis camera for enhanced sharpness
  • High-contrast images due to 16-bit pixel depth
  • 7.4 µm pixel size for exceptionally high sensitivity
  • All systems are modular and freely configurable, on demand with motorized zoom lens
  • Nucleic acid- and protein fluorescence detection: Ethidium bromide, SYBR™ Green, Vista Green™, SYBR™ Gold, Texas Red™, Gel Star™, GFP,Coomassie Blue, Sypro™ Ruby, Sypro™ Orange, Sypro™ Red, Silver Star™, AttoPhos™, Atto-680™, Fluorescein and many others
  • Optional with Starlight LED-RGB module for epi-fluorescence excitation of fluorescent dyes like Fluor 532™, Alexa Fluor 546™, Deep Purple™, Rhodamine Red™, Bodipy™, NED™, RFP™, HNPP™, SYBR Green/Gold™, SYPRO Orange/Ruby/Tangerine™, FITC™, FAM™, EGFP™, ECFP, AlexaFluor 633/635/647™, CY 5™, Bodipy 650-665™, DiD™, TOTO™, ProQDiamond™ and many others
  • Other applications: Imaging of Petri Dishes, Microplates or Autoradiographs, Colony Counting
  • Fantastic ease of use with intuitive INFINITY-CAPT-Software
  • Free analysis software for quantification, molecular weight analysis and Colony Counting
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