DYMAX has developed the new UV light curing adhesive MD 1-20758 for bonding a large variety of medical plastics. The material adheres very well to acryl, polycarbonate, rigid and flexible PVC and ABS. After cure the adhesive forms durable, high strength bonds. MD 1-20758 features good humidity resistance. This is ideal for many applications in medical device assemblies such as tube systems and medical reservoirs.
Due to the adhesive’s exceptional adhesion to stainless steel and other metals MD 1-20758 with its USP and ISO approvals is ideal for cannula assemblies and needle bonding in medical devices and syringes.
UV and visible light is used to fully cure the adhesive in only seconds – this means fast and reliable assembly which translates into higher productivity and cost-efficiency. The light curing technology is easy to integrate in automated assembly lines. A fluorescent version of MD 1-20758 enables inline quality control with visual inspection systems. 1-20758 is part of the DYMAX MD adhesives line which are fully solvent-free and biocompatible.
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