10/24/2006 • Medical tech

ENDOLIGN Composite Combines the Strength of Metals with the Benefits of Polymers

Invibio (Thornton Cleveleys, UK) recently introduced ENDOLIGN™, a composite thermoplastic for use in implantable load bearing medical devices and applications requiring blood, bone or tissue contact of more than 30 days. ENDOLIGN is one of the first biomaterials available that offers the strength of metals, with the extensive biocompatibility and imaging compatibility of polymers. It is ideally suited for the development of load bearing medical applications that also require image compatibility.

The mechanical properties of processed ENDOLIGN products can be comparable to those of traditionally used metals, such as cobalt chromium alloys, titanium alloys and stainless steel. Because it is radiolucent, ENDOLIGN enables clear visualization through imaging techniques such as X-ray, Computer Tomography (CT) and MRI.

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