10/02/2006 • Analytics • Laboratory appliances

HPLC columns for the analysis of cosmetics, food and pharmaceuticals

Pursuit XRs is the name of a new range of Varian HPLC columns. The combination of Varian´s sophisticated bonding technology and the ultra pure 100 Å silica offers excellent resolution for many different applications and provides extended life time no matter if the pH is acidic or basic (pH 1.5 and10). Better resolution simplifies the method development.

Extended life time increases the efficiency of research and routine laboratories. More than 5000 injections under extreme conditions, even with ballistic gradients, did not reduce the performance of the column. As a consequence of the effective shielding of the active silica matrix by the new bonding technology critical components show a drastically improved peak shape. In addition intensive interaction of the analytes with the stationary phase can take place due to the very uniform environment caused by the high carbon load of the silica surface.

Pursuit XRs-C18 and -C8 are highly applicable for separations based on hydrophobic interactions. Pursuit XRs-Diphenyl is the column of choice for analytes differing in their pi-electron system.

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