09/20/2006 • Metrology

Contact or Non-Contact Temperature Measurements:

Measuring specialist ebro Electronic, Ingolstadt, has released a new, user-friendly thermometer to measure the temperature of food. The new TLC 720 dual thermometer with laser pointer can measure temperature both with its stainless steel insertion probe for contact measurements and with infrared for non-contact measurements.

The thermometer can be transported in a pocket with no risk of injury due to the foldable probe (which is used for core temperature measurements). The measuring range for core temperature measurements goes from –33 to +220°C with an accuracy of ±0,8°C in the range of
-33 to +119,9°C and from ±0,8°C resp. ±1% for lower and higher temperatures.

Non-contact surface temperature measurements will be done with infrared. This prevents a contamination of the food, while the laser pointer allows direct hits. The measuring range is -33 to +220°C, the accuracy is ±2°C in the range of -33 to +119,9°C and ±2°C resp. ±2% for lower and higher temperatures. Emissivity is selectable from 0.1 to 1. The laser pointer complies to the standard EN 60825-1. Distance to Spot D:S is 5:1.

TLC 720 is easy to use, cost effective and is ideal for temperature monitoring in kitchens and supermarkets, at goods receipt, and during transport. A drill for measurements in frozen food is included, as well as a factory calibration certificate. The user can choose between °C/°F, MIN, MAX and LOCK. The battery can be easily changed by the user. Operating temperature is 0 to +50°C.
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