09/04/2006 • Laboratory appliances

Alternative to the Bunsen Burner ...

Available from Integra Biosciences the Fireboy plus provides an intrinsically safe and highly versatile 21st century alternative to the traditional Bunsen burner. The Fireboy plus is an affordable mobile Bunsen burner with non-touch sensor ignition. Operating from a gas cartridge and powered from a rechargeable battery the Fireboy plus can be used where ever you wish, safely. Measuring only 70 x 90 x 180 mm the compact Fireboy plus comes supplied with three nozzles providing optimal operation with propane / butane, natural gas or town gas. With no interfering cables or tubes the hands-free Fireboy plus is extremely easy-to-use. The Fireboy plus is intrinsically much safer than traditional Bunsen burners having advanced temperature protection, flame monitor and alarm display features to protect the operator and operating environment.

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