08/18/2006 • Analytics

HPLC sample preparation 3 times faster

In HPLC analysis sample preparation is one important factor to extend the life time of the columns and keep their performance on a high level for excellent analytical results. As sample preparation is also a crucial factor to time and costs, Whatman now provides a faster and easier way to clear up HPLC samples from particulates: Mini-UniPrep syringeless filters. In fact, this innovative filter unit allows preparing your samples in one third the time required by other methods and eliminates multiple consumables from the sample preparation process.Mini-UniPrep is a pre-assembled filtration device consisting of a 0.4ml capacity chamber and a plunger that contains the filtration membrane at one end and a pre-attached septum cap at the other.In order to filter the sample, the plunger is pressed through the sample in the chamber and thus forces the filtrate through the membrane into the reservoir of the plunger. The sample is now ready for analysis or can be stored within the unit. A locking ring provides an air-tight seal.The wide range of membranes with pore sizes of 0.2 and 0.45µm that is offered with the Mini-UniPrep meets nearly any specific sample application requirement.Whatman designed the Mini-UniPrep to fit into any autosampler that can handle 12x32mm vials.Convince yourself of the exceptional benefits of Whatmans Mini-UniPrep and ask for detailed information or free test units.
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