08/17/2006 • Metrology

Big brother lowers the costs!!!!

The new SQ2040 Squirrel datalogger by Grant Instruments shows the same excellent technical features like the small brother SQ2020, but with a higher number of input channels and a sample rate of upto 100 Hz.

With upto 16 differential or 32 single ended input channels the SQ2040 even can store more parameter with intervalls upto 100 Hz. 16MB-memory for upto 2 millions values together with several A/D-converters allow the recording of the values in different sample intervalls and make the unit to an ideal tool for a big number of applications in production and process industrie, research an educating and quality assurance.

Additional to the 16 differential inputs two voltage inputs for high voltages upto 60 VDC, i.e. for examining in the automobil industry, where the new 42V batteries already are used.

All this to a lower price per channel compared to other comparable loggersystems.

The SQ2040 is small, handy and easy to handle. It can be used as stand-alone-logger or via USB or RS232 with a PC/Notebook.
The autark gathered measurement values can be transmitted via USB/RS232 – interface or copied to a MMC-memorycard.

The SQ2040 supports Ethernet, modem and GSM-radio modems, so that the measured datas are quickly available at any place where needed.
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