08/11/2006 • Laboratory appliances

SC-2 Ultraclean Intelligent Autosampler

The ESI SC-2 Series has been developed to provide a full-featured autosampler with a small footprint, making it ideal for labs with minimal bench space. Although the size of the unit has been reduced none of the features of the larger SC-14 have been removed. The capability to hold 96-deep well Microtitre plates allows for up to 384 samples to be analyzed.

Dual flowing rinse station allows for the use of two different rinse solutions ensuring fast wash-out of the previous sample and minimal contamination. The Autosampler design eliminates the probe guide removing a major cause of sample to sample cross contamination.

  • The Linear/Polar motion of the sampling arm allows for simultaneous movement in the X-Y coordinates providing rapid sample access.
  • Auto zero feature after each sample ensures no missed vials.
  • Ultraclean dual flowing rinse station eliminates peristaltic pump contamination.
  • Contamination from external sources controlled with the optional HEPA filtered enclosure.
  • Elimination of the probe guide solves a major cause of cross contamination.

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