08/09/2006 • Video security and monitoring

Argus: Ahead on speed and precision

Argus, Geutebrück’s new pan and tilt system is engineered to support extremely fast, precise camera work even in hostile environments. It delivers a smooth, stable image - even for close-ups with a high power zoom - and pans at any speed from a slow crawl (0.01°/s) to a very fast sweep (200°/s). The 225 fixed positions for pan, tilt, focus and zoom are reached with extremely high accuracy (< +/- 0.01°), and the system is designed to automatically return the head to its ‘home’ position after any period of inactivity or following any attempt at unauthorised realignment.

Argus can stay on target day and night. The optional high performance, infrared spotlight has long-life LEDs and a choice of three beam angles. It works in tandem with the camera head and automatically floods the monitored scene with IR light to a distance of up to 70m.

Two different IP66/V4A weather and corrosion-proof housings with dirt and water repellent windows are designed to accommodate a wide range of cameras with 12-240 mm zoom lenses including a range extender. The heads are easy to mount and to remove for servicing, and owing to high quality engineering, the high precision pan/tilt drive system does not require lubrication, and so is completely maintenance-free. Argus therefore provides an ideal solution for reliable, cost-effective operation in inhospitable and inaccessible places such as in tunnels or in marine and industrial environments as well as large open sites.

Blessed with poise and assurance where others waver, Argus has already caused quite a stir. It turned many heads at the TB-Forum in Moscow earlier this year, and carried off the
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