08/07/2006 • Drive Tech • Sensor Technology

Success for EPHY-MESS Temperature Sensors

In the world biggest hydroelectric power station – the Three Gorges Project TGP- many turbines are running already. They are equipped with EPHY-MESS resistance thermometers. In each turbine or generator 96 slot resistance thermometers are used for the thermal monitoring of the stator. The complete commissioning of the Three-Gorge-Dam is planned for the year 2008 or 2009. In the meantime the remaining twelve of the 26 generators, which have a rated power of 700 MW each (or a total generating capacity of 15 standard nuclear power stations with 1.2 million MW each), must be installed. Due to the high security and quality standards for the thermal monitoring the Chinese customer decided to use double slot resistance thermometers with bifilar winding from EPHY-MESS. The supplier of the world biggest water power turbines will also use EPHY-MESS slot resistance thermometers for the 900 MW turbines of the hydroelectric power station Longtan.
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