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big-bag emptying frame new with endless hose filling

The unit consists of a big-bag emptying frame with integrated craneway and pneumatically operated rocker as a discharging aid. The back-end dosage screw with closing disk as a protection against trickling provides for safe discharge and exact dosage. Weighing cells integrated into the emptying frame make a negative weighing possible. The drums to be filled are entered via a fully-automatic roller track with motor.
A protective foil system with foil magazine is used to obtain clean and dust-free filling. The endless hose is sealed against the filling pipe by an inflatable hose. Leakage of dust particles from the endless hose is prevented by means of a welding and parting machine.

Advantages of the new filling system:

  • optimal protection of persons and products 
  • dust-free filling 
  • short setup time due to 50 m foil packages 
  • high filling capacities

    Technical Data
  • capacity: about 30 drums per hour 
  • weight of big bags: max. 2000 kg 
  • weighing range: up to 150 kg (calibrated)

Free-swinging screening machines of Engelsmann in 110 sizes for 2 to 10 fractions

Free-swinging long-stroke screening machines of J. Engelsmann AG are used as protection, control or classifying screeners for pourable dry bulk goods in production. They are applied in all areas of the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, plastics and similar industries. The free-swinging screening machines are available in one-deck or double-deck execution. They are characterized by exact and gentle classification and a very high specific capacity per square meter of screening surface.
The construction series as a modular system includes 110 size variants and screening surfaces from 0.18 to 20 m² for up to 10 fractions per sieve deck offering an optimum selection of the required screening surface. Classifying ranges from 0.02 to 20 mm, the screening capacity from 10 kg to 250 t/h. Due to the optimum adjustment of the vibration amplitude, the speed and the sieve inclination only minimal dynamic forces are produced by the screening process.
In addition Engelsmann free-swinging long-stroke screeners ensure easy exchanging of the standardized and compact sieve inserts as well as easy cleaning. Furthermore clogging of the sieve can be avoided due to efficient cleaning systems for the sieve covering by means of cleaning balls, triangular cleaning aids and ultrasonic cleaning.

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