07/14/2006 • Focus on Products at Analytica

New Microplate Product Guide Available

Whatman has developed a new 28 page guide to present its high throughput multiwell plates for pharmaceutical and life science research applications. The brochure focuses on the use of filtration separation technology in the multiwell format to develop products for a large number of applications, from sample preparation, genomics and filter based assays to filtration technology, sample clean-up and isolation of nucleic acids.

A unique patented process is used to encapsulate the filter media into the device, which ensures no cross talk or contamination between wells. This proprietary technology enables Whatman to utilise a range of filter media, polymers and surface treatments to develop multiwell devices for specific applications. The Whatman ELISA filterplate allows researchers to utilise the excellent protein-binding characteristics of nitrocellulose in a standard multiwell format.

Whatman also manufactures a range of microplates for sample collection, analysis, storage and reservoir applications, offering the widest selection of microplates available from a single source.

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