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Nokia Field Force Solution for Home Care is an easy-to-use Solution providing accurate real-time visibility on your care process and delivered care. It utilizes RFID technology enabling simple “touch-and-record” functionality at the point of care. It consists of RFID enabled Nokia phones and web-based application to manage, view, report, and exchange the care process-related information. Organizations in the home care sector are benefiting from the Solution. With this cost-effective package care providers are improving their quality of service while streamlining procedures – realizing significant cost savings in the process, and improving the quality of service for their clients.


Nokia Field Force Solution for Home Care can be tailored to interface with your Care Planning, Scheduling, and Administrative systems to avoid duplicated information management on top of your existing back-end solutions, and to optimize your billing and payroll processes.

  • Improved management of care process quality and efficiency
  • Real-time visibility to care delivery process and employee activity
  • Instant access to information on home care visits, reported real-time from the point-of-care
  • Elimination of manual reporting, reconciliation, and transcription of field information
  • Reduced administration and reporting costs
  • Reduced potential for fraud and human errors
  • Greater focus on clients and care delivery process, as less time is spent in non-value adding activities
  • Improved employee safety through real-time alerts and active communication link with employees

Care workers in the field can now provide digital proof of the time and type care provided to each client, eliminating time-consuming, paper-based reporting. Benefits are therefore realized centrally, as information and reports from the field can be fed into planning, billing, customer reporting and payroll systems and procedures. Because of the speed and ease-of-use of the technology, care workers can minimize their administrative tasks and concentrate on their core competences, overseeing the well-being of their clients.

Features and functionalities

Nokia Field Force Solution for Home Care gives you electronic documentation of care process and “digital signature” of the care delivered, including the following features:

  • Unambiguous and reliable identification of Care service user (“Client identification”)
  • Unambiguous and reliable identification of Care giver employee and Care Provider organization
  • Secure and exact information on date, time, and duration of care visits
  • Information on what care services were delivered
  • Incontrovertible and exact information on employee’s working hours
  • Exact information on non-care related time

Simple technology, humanly applied, helps you to improve home care benefits across the community.

For more information about Nokia Field Force Solution, please click here nokia.com/fieldforce.

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