The filtration system RSFgenius

Due to a series of detail improvements the filtration system RSFgenius is now offering an extended range of performance features. In addition to its well-known advantages including the efficient high-pressure screen cleaning and high number of automatic screen re-uses, pressure consistency to +/- 1,5 bar, +/- 0.05% loss of melt as well as minimal dwell time of the melt, it is characterized by the following features:
  • Applicable for all polymers including highly corrosive materials, such as polymers with fluorine or bromine additives- Increased active screen area to 3.000 cm2
  • Increased number of automatic screen re-uses up to 400
  • Finer micron rates down to 1-2 µm
  • Expanded control and monitoring of the complete process due to an extensive process data monitoring system.
  • Fine tuning and service work can be carried out without influencing the process.
Thus the RSFgenius combines all positive properties a filtration system can offer.

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